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SSH - "Prodigy L" Mouth Call

SSH - "Prodigy L" Mouth Call


The "Prodigy L" incorporates 2 reeds of ultra-thin latex topped with a third reed of black latex. The top reed is cut to the left for callers with an air-flow channel on the left side of the tongue. (Watch the Mouth Call Mechanics video to understand a caller's "air-flow")


This call is capable of replicating most turkey vocalizations and is designed for both soft and aggressive calling. The smaller tape size allows for improved call control while reducing gag reflex caused by bigger tape sizes. This call is hand-built by veteran turkey hunter and champion caller, Shane Simpson.


Winner of the 2018 NWTF Buckeye Challenge World Championship of Turkey Call Making, Winner and "Best of Class" of the 2018 Great Lakes Open Turkey Call Making Competition, 1st Place at the 2017 Iowa Open Turkey Calling Championship & the 2018 Minnesota State Turkey Calling Championship.

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