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Deer Tracking

We Need To Find This Deer Fast! - The Callie Chronicles

We Need To Find This Deer Fast! - The Callie Chronicles

The Callie Chronicles - Garret Prahl (DIY Sportsman) shot at a deer with his longbow and initially thought he had missed. After finding a small amount of blood, he began his slow search for the deer. With temps approaching 90, Garrett finally decided the best option was to call Callie to the scene in hopes of a quick recovery which would save the meat from possible spoilage. Link to Autopsy: Video Link Of This Deer Hunt: Video Link Of Our Turkey Hunt: "DIY Sportsman" YouTube Channel: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: Things We Use: Primos Bloodhunter HD: Tracking/Upland Vest: Tracking App: Bow Hunt Simulator: Tactical Helmet: Action Cam NVG Mount: Action Cam: Field Recorder: Lav Mic: Editing software: Backpack: Flashlight: 2-Way Radios: Trail Marking Glow Sticks: Flagging Tape: More content from Shane Simpson at: Facebook: Instagram: Website: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases which helps to support this channel. Thank you! #DeerTrailing #BloodTracking #BloodTrailing #DeerHunting #PublicLand #Archery #Wisconsin
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