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Hook’s Custom Calls and the GrowingDeer team spent months studying hundreds of trail camera videos of grunting bucks. This research of free-ranging bucks was the basis for the sound, tone, and volume of the Messenger grunt call!

This call has three settings; the top setting is intended to imitate the grunt of a doe or a 1.5 year old buck. The middle setting is intended to mimc a 2 to 3 year old buck and the bottom setting is for imitating an older buck.

A grunt call should communicate that a receptive doe is nearby and not committed to a buck. This is an open invitation for other bucks to come close and seek out the receptive doe.

The call comes with a lanyard.

Send the correct message with the Messenger!

Hook's - "Messenger" Grunt Call - Walnut

  •   PLEASE NOTE: If your order contains products from both Hook's  Custom Calls and Shane Simpson Hunting, it may arrive in two separate packages.

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